Pizza Jokes Are So Cheesy…

I might just cry if someone tells me again that a dog’s favourite pizza is pup-eroni. We’re tired of hearing that pizza jokes are ‘all about delivery’. There are too many pizza-related jokes in this world, Buzzfeed. Give it a break, and let Oven Baked handle the linguistics for you. Since, as a community-based business, we’re done (for now) writing about pizza, we’ll assume you, the community, are done (for now) reading about it. As a substitute article — because we have to up our online presence somehow — we’ve put together a few reasons why Fish Hoek rocks.


All Natural

Elsie's peak – The Outdoor Nerd
View from Elsie’s Peak

First and foremost, this is an absolutely gorgeous valley. We’re surrounded by naturally chiseled mountains covered with uniquely biodiverse flora and fauna — dassies for days, tons of tortoises, fynbos that’s fu… really cool. On our right we’ve got Elsie’s Peak, with 360° awe-inspiring views; and on our left we have luscious Clovelly greenery. There’s everything here, from wetlands to beaches to dunes — and everything in between. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work (and Tik Tok, let’s be honest); so much so that we forget to look up. But really, it’s so worth it. And that’s coming from a teenager.



I think we’ve also broken a world record for the most amount of cellphone repair shops in a hundred metres.


And for the most densely-populated post office in history.


Good People

Wow, but the people. Never in my life have I seen such a natural, free-flowing amalgamation of Dr. Marten-wearers and vegans. The only other place these two groups overlap is, like, Observatory. Or Canada. We’ve got skaters and hippies; and those retired cyclists (the Recyclers); and people who heavily apply mascara usually to complement their tertiary-coloured hair — and those old ladies that go for a dip in the sea every day… Not many neighbourhoods can say that, for two months straight, everyone stood out on their balcony and yelled “We All Stand Together” by Paul McCartney until their voices were hoarse. It takes one kick-ass community to do that.


So there we go, folks! Four things to be happy about. Well, two actually cool things, and two passive-aggressively okay-ish things. Which is close enough. Comment below and let us know a few things you’re grateful for!


Aimee van der Merwe


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