Pineapple On Pizza: Yay or Nay?

Providing night-before discursive essay topics for Grade 7s since 1962… The debate of pineapple on pizza continues to set pizzeria against pizzeria, and to what end? It’s about time this debate be settled once and for all. Sorry, introverts, this can no longer be a conversation starter.



To dive deep into this humanitarian issue, we have to start at the beginning: not in Hawaii. In Canada. We always say that nothing happens in Canada. The crime is low; human rights are comparatively better than other countries; they almost always stay neutral in times of war… But here’s an exception to the rule: Canadians created the Hawaiian pizza. 



Originating in The Satellite Restaurant, owner Sam Panopoulos jumped on the trend train in ‘62: Hawaiian culture. This mainly centers around tiki sculptures, maritime emulation and appreciation, and tribal tattoos. The USA hand-picked the most aesthetically-pleasing spheres of Polynesian customs and made them their own. It became the in-thing in the 1950s and 1960s, so Panopoulos supposedly hopped on the bandwagon. Plus, he’d had some experience in cooking sweet-and-savoury Chinese dishes. By throwing on some canned pineapple on his locally-renowned restaurant and branding it “Hawaiian”, he became trend-setter of the century.

It soon caught on and became a local staple. And now? It’s an option on pizza menus all around the world. So, is it worth the bite or should it take a hike?

Here’s what the Oven Baked family has to say

Anthony: Don’t like it. Don’t care about people who do. 

Codi: I don’t understand why people don’t like it; it brings a little sweetness.

Robert: It blows my mind that there are people who say one person is wrong or righ

t depending on what they have on their pizza. It’s ridiculous!

Nyarai: I’d rather eat anchovies than pineapple — eugh.

Rose: No. (shakes head)

Nathonia: It just has to be the right amount; not too much.

Nita: I love pineapple on pizza! And banana too.


Aimee van der Merwe


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